The Evolution Of Competing Secret Intelligence Agencies

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The evolution of competing secret intelligence agencies only began to occur during world war one when developing technologies meant gathering information on the enemy was entering new phases of complexity. The need for information became an increasingly more desperate pursuit as new devastating weapons were created which could inflict widespread and catastrophic damage, escalating from chemical weapons, to nuclear warheads. But as the 20th century proved conflicts became increasingly focused on the clash of political ideologies, while the two world wars managed to quash right wing fascism, a new perceived threat came from the opposite side of the political spectrum, communism. Here was an ideology to threaten and challenge the sacred …show more content…
Examining this problem requires the inspection of the factors that aided the CIA expansion of power, how it managed to prevent serious measures of accountability from being implemented, and the prominent examples of its abuses of power at a domestic and international level.
To begin to understand this problem, it is best to start by looking at those factors which allowed CIA power to grow and flourish. The National security Act, gave the central intelligence agency the power to ‘perform, for the benefit of the existing intelligence agencies, such additional services of common concern as the National Security Council determines can be most efficiently accomplished centrally’ . The key words here being the additional services which obviously did not explicitly state but meant to enable it to engage in practices which would be considered ‘subversive’. Here begins the problem because then the CIA began to use tactics which would be considered dubious at best. It began to work against state objectives in countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, and engaged in activities such as the Iran-Contra affair where they received no more than a brief oral consent from the President, the assassinations too that the CIA carried out could not be found to have been authorised or known about by the executive. The countries which the
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