The Evolution Of Education : From One 's Preparation

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The Evolution of Education: From One’s Preparation to One’s Prison

The human species is highly adept at learning from past experiences and progressively becoming more and more sagacious. One learns by observing, reading books, experiencing pain, and so much more. The idea of education has become a favorite in society; for example, people may feel more attracted to their lovers, upon learning that they have graduated from Harvard with a 5.0 GPA. Nations also take pride in their inhabitants who have basic education; in fact, in the United States, state governments have took control over education and morphed it into what it believes will generate a smarter America. However, the idea of how students should be educated is not only a controversial issue, but it continues to change over time. People are beginning to lose sight of what education is truly about, and this could ultimately result in an uncreative and unmotivated generation of students marching into the real world. Education, the process of handing information from one person to the next, forces individuals to think restrictively.

Education is controversial, for it has evolved into an enormous debate on what should be taught or not taught. For example, in the educational system in the United States, the teaching of theological beliefs have evolved into an extremely sensitive and polemical issue. Parents even went as far as to try to ban evolution from being taught in schools, as it may conflict with their household
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