The Evolution Of Education : Role Of Capacity Development Programmes

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The Evolution of Education: Role of capacity development programmes in building students We all are aware that education is evolving rapidly, and excelling university curriculum is not enough at all for the students to be fit for the job-market. Capacity development trainings are vital in the holistic development of students to provide them real world knowledge, and help them connect and relate the lessons learnt in classrooms to the outside world. It’s also necessary for bridging the academia-industry gaps. And, various kinds of programmes including workshops, seminars, ECAs, leadership programmes, employability skills training, public speaking and soft-skill training, foreign language training, etc. are regularly organized by…show more content…
Studying curriculum alone won’t help anymore,” he opines. Role of college has changed now In previous times, it was enough for a college to teach syllabus only. But, because of the competition in the market, and emergence of the number of colleges and the academic programmes, the role of the institutions has changed now. “While making hire, companies have started to focus on the plus points of students. This is also the reason colleges have started providing such facilities to the students lately,” shares Shrestha. “The colleges have started to realize it just now. If you look at academic system of Nepali institutions, we are still running through age-old system. But, And, colleges are becoming more proactive and have started to run more creative thinking sessions. It’s evolving slowly,” says Thapa. How are the colleges are performing on these aspects? We have been conducting such programmes on regular basis with the motive of making students industry-ready, says Shrestha. “Recently, we had recently had a resource person from USA on Technical Writing workshop,” he shares. “We do conduct many bootcamps and workshops. It helps the students to realize the industry and know the environment. We are also grooming them in a way they become entrepreneurs in future,” Shrestha adds. Likewise, sharing the context of Uniglobe College, Thapa says that they have been conducting such programmes time and again including communication skills development
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