The Evolution Of Health Care Technology

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Hospitals date back to over 2500 years ago in history. Yet, an important factor in the way hospitals run is the evolution of health care technology. Hospitals have been directly impacted from key technological advancements in the last five decades and present era. It all started in the 1960’s up until present decade 2010. With each decade brings change and progression. With these significant changes as years pass, competition is on the rise and external factors pose problem for hospitals to overcome. The decade 1960 is the time of the large mainframe computers. These computers were very expensive and were usually only found in larger hospitals. Each facility wanted access to patient information such as demographics, insurance and be able to merge it with patient charges quickly in order to be paid promptly at this time. For reasons that this was the era Medicare and Medicaid was signed into Law, hospitals wanted reimbursed as fast as possible. Since the smaller, community based hospitals could not afford the high cost of a mainframe system; the large vendors would charge them for shared systems to process their patient information for them (Wager, Lee and Glaser, 2013). The 1970’s the mainframes were still in use, but another version called minicomputers were developed. These computers were much like the mainframe systems, but were smaller and more affordable. This system was more powerful and facilities could actually justify the cost. The next era of the 1980’s a
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