The Evolution Of Hospital System

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Introduction The evolution of hospital system in the US The evolution of hospitals in the US has been and is constantly occurring for hundreds of years. These institutions transformed from a mere small institutions the deliver food and shelter to the unfortunate into major multisystem healthcare caring for a myriad of conditions requiring advanced technological and pharmaceutical care as well as major medical education systems. Federal laws, city ordinance and the Joint Commission standards, and others regulate the construction and operation of a hospital in the US. (BOOK) Alongside these professional and academic changes, the financial systems that the entire operation is based on had to evolve as well. Initially, hospitals in the US were voluntary and supported mostly by wealthy donors and some paying patients. These hospitals were not intended to profit or show financial solvency beyond daily operation. This posed a significant lack of consistency in providing care since the most of the governing body consisted of affluent individuals. (book) Over the years the medical field became modernized, the technology improved care and training of physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals improved. The ability to diagnose, and successfully treat patients had transformed hospitals into large institution that drew middle and upper economic class. For over 2 centuries hospitals expanded in their capacities as private health insurance evolved, the government pushed
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