The Evolution Of Information Management Systems

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The evolution of technology and the importance of information management systems have led to the evolution of new experts in the industry known as “Data Scientists” who work on data science. Despite the hype and confusion surrounding data science, the need for people who can interpret data to help organizations make informed business decisions is very real. Data scientists look at the data sets in nature or complex systems and extract information from it. In today’s age businesses have started to gain tons of data and science already knew how to deal with such large volumes trough physics, applied mathematics and computer science.

Traditionally any information management system has been defined as the collection and management of information from one or more sources and information dissemination to relevant stakeholders.
However, the message that is missing in this definition is that ‘the quality of information system determines the outcome of the information even before data collection’. A poor information system would drive employees to take decisions and form opinions based on assumptions rather than substance. There would be no synergy of thoughts and thus would lead to conflicting views of managers and leaders. Hence, it is imperative for information management system to be in line with the business strategy. And therefore ‘Data scientists’ must be a part of senior management meetings and business objectives must be clearly discussed and shared to enable him prepare
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