The Evolution Of Lean Production

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1. Traditional Operations The evolution of Lean production which can be also called Toyota Production system (TPS), manufacturing system introduced by automaker toyota, is contributed by two significant traditional method called Scientific management ( Taylorism ) and Mass manufacturing ( Fordism). Taylorism Scientific management or Taylorism advocated by Fred W. Taylor, states that the Production efficiency can be maximised by working closely with the workers. It involves fragmenting each task into individual motions, analyse each motion and eliminate the unnecessary motions. With this best possible way to do the task created the workers with proper tool, training and incentives can follow a closely supervised routine, translating into being extremely productive. Fordism Mass production or Fordism advocated by Henry Ford, founder of Automaker Ford, introduced a philosophy that aimed to achieve higher productivity by standardizing the output using movable assembly lines (Conveyor belts) and breaking the work into small deskilled tasks. Fordism seeks to combine both machine and manpower as one unit, emphasizing on minimizing the cost of production rather maximizing the profits. The year 1913, Henry ford introduced the moving assembly line the lead time was reduced from 12.5 hours to 93 minutes. Lean production has its roots in Taylor’s work, Efficient ways to satisfy task by eliminating unnecessary motions (Waste removal) and Henry Ford’s invention of the conveyor belt
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