The Evolution Of Management Practice

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The Evolution of Management
The Origins of Management Practice and How They Play a Role Today The origins of classical management practices plays a role in today’s management beliefs due to the fact that they overlap each other. As a classical management skill was invented and exercised, the faults in a particular management skill were studied. As business evolved so did the managerial skills needed to perform the tasks needed. A new management field would be invented, using the best of the older system and the new practices, to eliminate the faults found. Our textbook Management by Bateman/Snell (2013) states “All of these historical perspectives have left legacies that affect contemporary management thought and practice.” (p.39). Management has been a very important part of our past, our earliest ancestors realized that management skills were needed. From the building of the pyramids to making automobiles, some of the same management skills are used today. Managers in the past and present need skills pertaining to planning and leadership. As the planning and leadership tactics evolved from the past to present, the basic ideal of efficiency was a top priority. As times changed from slave labor or low-skill labor to the advanced labor force in today’s society, worker’s rights have been the most evolved. In the early years of management in the U.S., strict rules and guidelines were outlined for each hand. You pay could be severely docked if you had an unexcused…
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