The Evolution Of Management Studies

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The evolution in management studies has grown significantly due to the appearance of the information technologies. In contrast, the classic management practices became less effective in many organisations. Historically, the industrial revolution generated most of the managerial principles. For instance, the financial department concern about the return on investment, while the marketing department focuses in the marginal profit and market shares. The strategic division pursue a competitive positioning and profitability, whereas the human resource department concern about the employees ' motivation, rewards and performance. It could be argue that management is the foundation of organization success by which means if the overall activities coordinated efficiently it will result in a high level of organisational performance. Nowadays, the theories and practices in modern management have proposed that the role of leadership gives manager more extended responsibilities. On the other side, the complexity of today’s business issues such as the dynamic changes in economic, politics and social challenges require managers to react and respond promptly. This essay will consider different views with respect to the challenges of modern management as well as the opportunities that management role could inspire in today’s businesses aspects.

The first and an important point in today’s management issues is that the decision making process as it is the core problem in organizations. A…

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