The Evolution Of Management Theory

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Detailed Summary
Management theory constantly evolves when there are new ideas or when there is and intention of attempts of transforming the theory. Hence this theory can also be called as the “condensed theory” To know the history of the management theory is the fundamental task (Sarshar, 2002).
The evolution of management began after the industrial revolution had occurred in Europe and America, which was in the end of the 19th century. During the evolution of the management theory, there were many major changes happening, like economic, cultural and technical. The start of the evolution of the management theory was when there was an introduction to the steam power. That was the time when the industries were built with
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Scientific management theory
The techniques of the scientific management theory were defined by Frederick W. Taylor. F W Taylor was a manufacturing manager, but he eventually became a consultant. He introduced four principles
“Principle 1:- Study the way workers perform their tasks, gather all the informal jobs, knowledge that worker possess, and experiment with ways of improving how tasks are performed.
Principle 2:- Codify the new methods of performing tasks into written rules and standard operating procedures.
Principle 3:- Carefully select workers who possess skills and abilities that match the needs of the task and train them to perform according to the established rules and procedures.
Principle 4:- Establish a fair or acceptable level of performance for a tasks, and then develop a pay system that rewards performance about the acceptable level” (Jones and George, 2003).
In the 1900’s these principles were known nationally and were applied in many organisations. In some organisations the managers choose to follow only some of the principles, which led to some problems. After applying the principles the efficiency of the organisation increased, but instead of sharing the profit with the workers as specified by Taylor, the managers expected the workers to work for more hours for that same wages. After a while the workers realised that the increase in the efficiency in the firm
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