The Evolution Of Medicine Has Brought Into Our World

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I grew up fascinated with the history of life expectancies and illnesses and demise in cultures. Seeing all the opportunities that the evolution of medicine has brought into our world peaked my interest in the medical field and inspired me to want to take a part in improving our world. This was even further inspired by my frequent visits to the hospital for my family since childhood. My grandmother and uncle died in quick succession, and following those dismal events, my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes, depression and a heart condition while my mother was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. Thus, throughout my childhood I spent the majority of my time within hospitals waiting for relatives to receive treatment. During these visits, I spent a lot of time observing doctor-patient interactions, noticing the amount of time and effort a single doctor would spend with my family to explain each situation in a way they could understand. These occurrences allowed me to form an image of doctors who are filled with respect for their patients and taught me how important health care was. With each step my mother took throughout her medical journey, I was at her side. Each step we took together enhanced my yearning to see the medical field succeed. For these reasons I have been driven to pursue the goal of becoming a physician.

Throughout my high school education I was immersed in scientific programs. In fact, due to the focus on science my school provided, I was exposed to anatomy &

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