The Evolution Of Music Throughout History

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Throughout history, music has and will probably always be at the heart of almost every culture. The evolution of music can be compared right along with the evolution of man and the beliefs in his era. This idea is very apparent in the articles “Minstrelsy”, “Johnny Rebel and the Cajun Roots of Right-Wing Rock”, and “Black Women and Black Men in Hip Hop Music: Misogyny, Violence and the Negotiation of (White-Owned) Space.”

In “Minstrelsy” from “Encyclopedia of American Studies” it explains part of the musical era of the mid 1800’s to mid-1900’s. This form of entertainment is where whites and amazingly enough blacks applied blackface makeup to impersonate African Americans. Launching the American and eventually introducing Minstrelsy to Great Britain was Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice. These early shows eventually evolved into 2 parts “the first part came to be regarded as the minstrel show, with its comic exchanges, ballads, and solo performances by members” (1) and was followed by “the second part, the olio, was in large measure the genesis of vaudeville, with its specialty acts” (1), then the show was closed with the grand finale. Songs from this era from African American composer Stephen Foster are still recognizable today, such as “Oh! Susanna”. Racism was not just happening from whites but from African Americans impersonating themselves, with an “imitation admiration, hostility, or a combination of both,” (2) that was so prolific during this transition of music.…
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