The Evolution Of Personnel Management Essay

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HRM is a modern term for which traditionally been referred to as personnel management.
Four key developments in the evolution of personnel management:
1. Industrial revolution era: prior to this revolution individuals use to manufacture from their home and Child labour was common. This revolution began with the invention of new manufacturing machinery which altered the nature of the society. There was ready availability of labours. Workers get higher wages than earned before. Working life became more systematic. Social distance between workers and owners increased. After the British adopted the effective factories legislation child labour work timing was restricted. Overall, the Industrial Revolution era was one of the biggest events in human history. This technology grew faster than before. (Oastler 1830)
2. Scientific management era: the industrial revolution launched specialization, division of labour and concentration of employment in factories. In this way scientific management came into existence.Frederick Taylor (1911) was the founder of this movement. He believed using scientific techniques would improve the productivity and achieve greater success. He laid four principles which set the foundation for scientific management.
To replace the old rule of thumb
Selecting, offering training and developing the employees scientifically
Co-operating heartily with the employees through establishing teamwork in accordance with the principles which have been
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