The Evolution Of Photography, By Joseph Nicephone Niepce

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SNAP! SNAP! You 've just caught the perfect picture of your friend running on the beach, your dog stealing your favourite shoe, or your little brother with his hands deep in the cookie jar. Now pause and think about the future and how many times you would laugh showing these pictures to friends or family. Now rewind a couple of hundred years and imagine a world without photographs to capture these precious memories. As much as photography is used on day-to-day bases, has the concept truly crossed your mind as to how it came about? Personally, the evolution of photography has always been intriguing process - difficult and fascinating at the same time for me to understand. The first photograph was taken in 1826, by Joseph Nicéphone Niépce. The picture was taken from a window with a view at the Le Gras with a camera obscure. Unfortunately in the early years there had to be so many problems with photography, with long exposure times and working on the image. So as we know of the when photography “first” came about was in the year Fast forward 13 years later to 1839, when William Henry Fox Talbot presented his results from negative and positive processing to the Royal Institution in London, calling the “photogenic drawing”… Photography. Throughout the years photographs have been used for a variety of things from a personal level to business (promotional and commercial). But just how important is photography when the options are limitless today, could you honestly image a world

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