The Evolution Of Playstation On The Game

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The Evolution of PlayStation Joshua McMunn Craven Community College The evolution of the PlayStation has changed dramatically over the past twenty two years. Some of the major changes is how the gamer puts in the game; to put it into the PlayStation one the gamer has to hit a button so you can insert the game. To insert a game into the PlayStation four all the gamer has to do is slide the game right in. Another thing that is different between the two systems is how the user saves his progress in the game. Another about the systems that varies about the two systems is what they can play. The PlayStation one can only play video games that are solo player or two on two player. While the PlayStation four can play games that has online…show more content…
When you look at the first PlayStation you can see how it represents its time period and you can also see how different it is from the current PlayStation. When you are looking at the Sony’s first playstation shows how far the gaming consoles have came since the brown box. When this first game console came out it looks exactly like the name says. The brown box was not able to produce sound as well as the TV’s during that time period. The brown box was made brown so that it would be visually appealing to customers, so they will buy the gaming console. The brown box came with two controllers and had switches on the front that could pick which game they want to play. However, the game console can not switch games that it is programmed with. The brown box is set to play ping pong, tennis, and volleyball. The brown box is one of the man examples that shows how far the PlayStation one has came since then. For example, when you play the playstation you can hear what the game is doing. Another thing about the brown box is the graphics on the brown box are extremely primitive compared to the graphics on the PlayStation. However, when you are buying a PlayStation you will see on the box that it says Sony PlayStation. Sony is a company that is multinational corporation that has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. When you look at the name Sony you would not expect it to be the mixture
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