The Evolution Of Poverty During The Civil War

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THE EVOLUTION OF POVERTY IN AMERICA Missy Worrells Modern History 1073 November 19, 2014 The Evolution of Poverty in America Poverty is a hardship that has existed in every milestone of American history. War impacted the economy of the country after the Civil War. The twentieth century would see wars, natural disasters, and economical depressions that contributed to the developing culture of poverty. Poverty in any time period is a shattering experience. While being poor during the Reconstruction, the Great Depression, and the Civil Rights movement were each devastating, the nature of poverty would evolve as the culture of each decade evolved. The character of poverty changed most dramatically over the years through Americans’ perception of standards of living and the government’s response to poverty. War always has a major impact on the economy of a country. The Civil War threw the South into poverty. America had been divided by the Civil War and needed to find a way to heal the rift. The way to do this seemed to be for the South to shift to industry, like the North. During the 1880s, Henry W. Grady promoted the concept of the New South that would be modeled on the industry of the North. He and his supporters promoted education and industrialization as the way to rebuild the South. The southern states would grow tobacco and cotton, and expand their textile industry. Yet the South was still was not prospering. Southerners had to adjust to a new
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