The Evolution Of The Correctional System

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The Evolution of the Correctional System Nicholas Russo CJC 3010 10/20/2014 Throughout history, there has been many different methods for corrections. Looking back over time, you can see how the correctional system has evolved from the harsh, brutal, inhumane ways of the 16th century, to the rehabilitation methods of today. In the correctional system, there are different types of correctional facilities, various custody levels, and a time where it all started. The United States correctional system is a complicated system to fully comprehend. There are many different kinds of facilities one can go to for corrections, and also there are numerous jurisdictions inside the system. There are federal facilities, state, and local facilities. Federal facilities vary in levels from low, to complex in order to be able to assign an offender to their appropriate facility. There are different kinds of facilities inmates can go to, there are Prison Camps, Federal Correctional Institutions, Unites States Penitentiary, Administrative Facilities, and Federal Correctional Complexes. The first federal facility is minimum security institutions, which are Prison Camps. Prison Camps have minimal security and usually have a higher inmate-to-staff ratio. Prison Camps have relatively low amounts of fencing around the facilities, and sometimes don’t have fencing at all. Inmates in these camps sleep inside dorms, and are in a work or study program. The second federal facility which

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