The Evolution Of The Current Celebrity System Through Parasocial Interaction

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Recognizing and understanding the evolution of the current celebrity system through parasocial interaction is the focus of this study. This paper utilized an empirical generalization literature review through content analysis. For future research, a qualitative method using a sample survey of fans and celebrities will be employed. The benefits and drawbacks of the relationship between fans and celebrities were studied in regard to parasocial interaction. From the literature review, four primary empirical generalizations emerge: parasocial interaction is seen universally and performed across platforms, amplifies with increased participation, help fans meet emotional needs and amplifies feelings of social loneliness. These findings suggest that the affect of parasocial interaction can have both positive and negative benefits, but the good outweighs the bad overall.

Keywords: parasocial interaction, fan, celebrity, emotion, media effect theory

The influence celebrities – alive or dead – can have over their fans has become a point of interest, particularly with the advancements in technology (Fraser & Brown, 2002). Since the conversation around the bond between fan and celebrity interaction remains fairly young, the notion of understanding and expanding the dialogue is important for future discussion. This paper will assess the complex relationship between fans and celebrities through the lens of parasocial interaction, which is the imagine…
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