The Evolution Of The Education

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Michael May Mr. Hoelzle Academic Writing 4 January 2015 Major Research Paper The Evolution of Education in America Education plays the most crucial role in the quality of life any person will ever live. Before a set structure, or a standard of education was made, education was not considered a necessity. Once the importance of education was established and more people began attending school, the race to a higher education became more intense than ever. People even began saving up to send their children away from home for their best chance at succeeding in life with a good education ("Public Schools in the Great Depression."). It is clear that a quality education for everyone will not only lead to the better life on one person, but to the…show more content…
Sometimes, the males of an upper class family would go to a boarding school in England to be taught, while the girls would usually stay home and learn from her mother or sometimes even a governess, who was typically from England and somewhat educated, how to maintain the home ("The History of Education in America."). Girls did not get the opportunity to study in England because a quality education was not considered important for them. They would study art, music, French, standard social etiquette, spinning, weaving, needlework, cooking, and nursing. Academic wise, they were taught enough reading, writing, and arithmetic to read their Bibles and record the expenses of the household. The subjects in which males and females were educated in directly reflects on what they were expected to contribute to their families when they got older (“Colonial Women”). In 1636, Harvard College was established as institute of higher education in America. Soon after Harvard, places of higher education began to pop up everywhere, including the English Academy, known today as the University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin in the early 1700’s ("University of Pennsylvania."). By this time, many parents taught their children at home with a bible and a hornbook. A hornbook was a wooded board with a handle that usually had a string that allowed it
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