The Evolution Of The Human Body

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After heavy analyzation, one would soon learn that the archaeology information website is primarily focused on the evolution of the human body. The web source provides various selections to choose from, including: the human evolution summary, timeline, hall of skulls, and their perspectives. Likewise, the human evolution page describes the fossil hominids and their origins. The author recapitulates the hominid family, which consists of Homo, Australopithecus, and Ardipithecus. Correspondingly, the human evolution timeline page includes six distinct topics that follow a chronological story on how each option started from beginning to end. The first alternative focuses on the newest hominids, which are facts from the artist on what the hominids may have looked like. The next topic was based on the Ardipethecines, a specie that lived in a time period from about four and a half million years ago. Although there are four more choices available, the most interesting option was the Gracile Australopithecines. The Gracile Australopithecine appears to be a half human and half animal specie that lacks muscle and has a large jaw. In addition, the next page available on the archaeology source is the hall of skulls, which includes a precise description on ten distinct skulls. To sum up, the final selection accessible for viewers is the perspectives option. This choice allows the observer to see each of the author’s point of view on the information given. Digging deeper into the website,
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