The Evolution Of The Internet

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Before the conception of the Internet, music was sold wholly as a physical product. The gramophone record commonly known as ‘Vinyl’ dominated all music sales up until the 1990s. Vinyl was sold as EPs (Singles or Extended play) and LPs (Albums – Long play). In the 1980s the Compact Cassette exploded in popularity, invented by Philips in 1962 the compact cassette had been around with little success. In the 1980s there was a massive surge of high fidelity portable cassette players being sold, most notably the Song Walkman released in 1979, the compact cassette thrived throughout the 80s overtaking sales of vinyl LPs. It was in 1982 that the first compact disc was produced (CD),but it wasn’t until a few years later that CDs began to gain…show more content…
Early 1999 Heavy metal band Metallica discovered that a demo version of their song ‘I Disappear’ was being spread throughout the online file sharing website before it had actually been released. This meant that radio stations were able to access and play the track. Due to this the band filed a lawsuit against Napster. A month later Rapper and music producer Dr.Dre also filled a law suit against Napster, this was after a failed attempt in asking Napster to remove his music off the website. After a year they settled both lawsuits, but this was the end of the dispute with the music industry and Napster. In 1999 the RIAA ( The Recording Industry Association of America) filed a lawsuit on behalf of many record labels who felt that Napster was infringing on their copyrights. By 2000 Napster was ordered to remove any copyrighted music away from its sight and by early 2001 Napster closed down its online sight as ordered by a judge. ‘The digital music revolution it unleashed has since brought a once-mighty recording industry to its knees’; Many feel that Napster was the sole reason for the destruction of CD despite the closing of the website, it only paved the way for other models to come along and find a legal way of streaming music to the public.

In the early 2000’s many streaming methods came about. Pandora Internet Radio Station was launched, allowing users to create radio channels that were tailored to their own music taste. Pandora is free to use,
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