The Evolution Of The Music Industry

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From the invention of first recording device in 1877 to cassettes to digital recording in 1987 to MP3 in 1990 and to iTunes in 2003, the music industry has become an important global industry in last 50 years. The evolution of the music industry has given a boom to the economic activity in many geographical scales. Technological development has been playing an effective role for the evolution of the music industries. Looking back at the success of these music businesses, it used to be all about fun, dignity, entertainment and business. There were no issues regarding our social and cultural values nor there were any piracy issues. But gradually with the evolution of the music industry, it has also challenged our social and cultural boundaries.

Current issues and legislation
The product of the music industry has also been an effective tool for communication. It holds the potential to convey an emotion, tell a story or act as a medium for celebration. The impact of music can be felt in almost every aspect of life, because we listen to it on our daily life. In like manner, music and the music industry also play a significant role in communicating its social norms. These ideals have challenged political and religious ideologies, social and cultural boundaries, and individual and gender rights.
Unlike the old ethical principles, these days they have regulated their own set of ethical principles in this industry. Nowadays, these business functions through power, lies,…
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