The Evolution Of The Navy Uniform

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The Evolution of the Navy Uniform (Heritage Essay)
Coby Cleon Turner
Senior Enlisted Academy
Class 209 Gray The Evolution of the Navy Uniform
What do you think, when you see the uniform change in the Navy yet again? Not only are the myriad of uniforms historic in nature, but each and every uniform change holds a meaning and garners a great deal of respect for those who are serving, have served and civilians alike. Senior enlisted leaders need to understand and share the importance and history behind Navy uniforms with Sailors, while utilizing it as a tool to reinforce the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. This essay will provide the establishment, history, and evolution of the Navy uniform from past to present.
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The trousers were also used as a life preserver by knotting the legs. The white cover was added in 1852 to the soft visor-less blue hat. In 1841, the insignia called “distinguishing marks” were first prescribed as part of the official uniform. On 1 April, 1893, petty officers were reclassified and the rating of Chief Petty Officer was established. Until 1949 rating badges were worn on the right or left sleeve, the reason for the wear on both sleeves was so the badge could be shown from either the starboard or port watches. “In February 1948, all badges were adjusted to be worn on the left sleeve between the shoulder and elbow. Enlisted women’s uniform was comprised of a single breasted coat, blue for winter months and white for summer months, with long bottomed skirts and a straight brimmed sailor hat.” ("Navy Uniform Matters," n.d.). Knowing more about the history of the Navy uniform and some of its unique components, let’s discuss the evolution that have made the transition and those that are now obsolete.
Over the course of time it was imperative that the Navy transition into not only uniforms that were comfortable to the fit for Sailors, but confirm to standards across all the services. The uniform matters branch of the Navy was developed to maintain and interpret the Navy uniform regulations, monitor and implement the uniform policy and serve as the administrative support to the Navy
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