The Evolution Of The Nursing Education System

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Although unclear when nursing first was "created" the history of nursing and nursing education is filled with years of rich history. It is believed by some that nursing education first started when "Valentine Seaman, a New York physician, organized an early course of lectures for nurses who cared for maternity patients" (Penn Nursing Science, n.d.). Fast forwarding to the 1960 's, federal financial support for educating nurses permitted the revamping and modernizing of many nursing educational programs (Penn Nursing Science, n.d.). Additionally, the evolution of the nursing education system can be seen from programs that were based inside of hospitals to stand alone education institutions. Currently for individuals looking to enter into nursing there are multiple options. These options include Practical nursing, Diploma schools, Master 's degrees, and Doctorate degrees. Throughout these programs commencement multiple changes have occurred to all of them. As of 2006, roughly 60 diploma programs were still in operation today (Scheckel, n.d.). Associate degree programs have been in the middle of some long running controversy. It has been stated by institutions such as, the American Nurses Association, that minimum preparation for professional nurses should be a baccalaureate degree. However, approximately 52.8% of individuals wishing to become a nurse still enter into associate degree programs and only 20.7% of associate degree nurses return to school for a
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