The Evolution Of The Species Homo Neandertalensis

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The species Homo neandertalensis has been a subject to much debate over history. This species was once thought as one of us. The existent of this species has undergone conversions about their importance and their evolutionary situation. Moreover, the biggest question we ask is what happened to the Neanderthals? Two debates concerning what happened to the Neanderthals have been continuing since the 19th century. One side of the debate believes that they were unable to compete with modern humans or were unable to cope with the harsh living conditions causing them to become extinct. The other side of the debate states that they mingled with the new human populations, and eventually evolved into the modern human. This paper will provide enough information to help determine if the neanderthalensis species evolved into one of us or if they were out competed by their peers or Mother Nature. To do this, first the paper will briefly discuss the history of the Neanderthals by stating who they are, where they come from, and their every day living situations. Secondly, this paper will explore the two sides of the great debate: did the Neanderthals become extinct or did they evolve into the modern human? To discuss this issue, this paper will provide both DNA and fossil evidence for both sides of the debate. Finally, the paper will conclude with which debate has the significant amount of evidence to support it and will also decide what theory is best fitted in society today.

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