The Evolution Of The Talent Landscape

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Total Talent Management (draft) The evolution of the talent landscape In today 's whirlwind job climate, organizations are seeing a shift in the candidate profile. The rebounding economy, coupled with technological advancements, allows potential employees the ability to leverage their skillset to achieve their desired work situation. Diversity in the workplace climate is growing due to the emergence of the 'shared economy ', in addition to the growing appeal of temporary work situations. In this emerging workforce, workers are looking for autonomy, flexibility, and organizations that they are proud to be associated with . This means that employers are competing more fiercely than year’s prior. Access to top candidates is growing more difficult due to the fact that many employers are not presently engaging workers in all of the workforce arrangements that are currently available. More importantly, candidates with desirable skill sets—particularly in the STEM sector are proving to be a challenge to procure. As the U.S. is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate since 2006 , it is critical for companies looking to secure top talent to engage in a new, robust and holistic talent acquisition strategy. Total talent management, a relatively new concept, is gaining traction, as a solution to engaging today’s best and brightest in the workforce. Simply put, Total Talent Management (TTM) is a talent strategy that focuses on all aspects of work arrangements. The concept of TTM
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