The Evolution Of Warfare During World War II

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The evolution of warfare, from small raids to large scale total war, influenced the evolution in weaponry. Whether it is a rock for a caveman, a sword for a knight, or a gun for a marine, there is an ever-present need for a more effective way to kill the enemy. The obligation to better protect one’s citizens from the enemy further increases the demands for “better and improved” weapons, which dictate the need for weapons to evolve. The fundamental methods to injure and kill humans and other living creatures have not changed much throughout the years, however, technological advancement in weaponry has allowed for faster killing in greater numbers.

There have been many weapons throughout the centuries that require the user to be in close
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The sword is known to exist since around 1600 BC and it was used all the way till 19th century. The sword is one of the most recognized and known weapons for having huge variance in blade length and curvature. The most well-known category of swords is the European. The long sword is known for its long reach and double edged straight blade design, offering superior reach and thrusting power. The katana, a descendent of the uchigatana, was used primarily in feudal japan. The katana is known for its curved blade design and the purpose for the katana’s curved blade was to increase the blade’s cutting power. The last most recognized weapon of today is the rapier or “thrusting sword". The rapier is known for its light slender blade. While there is the drawback of below average cutting power because of its lightweight design, the lighter weight also offers the rapier the benefit of fast and powerful thrusts. The axe, which is more of a tool than a weapon, is most commonly recognized as a small blade on the end of a stick. Axes were first given shafts sometime between 6000-4000BC. The axe, is the weapon of the common man primarily used by civilians because most civilians possessed an axe for the purpose of cutting wood to heat their homes in the winter.

Long range weapons have existed since the ability to throw rocks. The first known practical long range weapon is the bow and arrow, known to exist since 9000 BC. A bow is a
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