Communication Of Vehicles And Vehicle To Infrastructure Communications

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The evolution of wireless technologies in modern days helps to utilize these kind of technology in many applications like vehicle safety application, a wireless data communication between the vehicles and also between the vehicles and other infrastructure.
The objectives of vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications are to avoid the vehicle crashes, to examine the technological issues that may affect this short range communications, characterise the communication needs of particular vehicle security applications, to monitor the vehicles that breaches the law etc. according to the reports in coming 30 years there will be a 60 percent increase in traffic on the freeways people spending lot of time and cost for gasoline and other things due to the traffic jams. vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to other infrastructure can help in avoiding this. my project focus on the communication of vehicles with each other and with traffic lights and other infrastructure understanding the purpose of saving time by reducing the travelling time and also to avoid the vehicle crash.

An inbuilt chip is provide to each vehicle that updates itself every second. the chip contain a storage component that can store the information received within certain time, sensor, GPS and computing element.
Every neighborhood have its own particular vehicular base station(VBS) so that at whatever point a vehicle approaches in a specific VBS, that
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