The Evolution Of Young Earth Creationism

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Young earth creationism is what most people mean when referring to “creationism.” This is primarily due to the fact that the creationists most visible in the public eye during the creation-evolution debate were most likely to hold young earth creationist views. Additionally, the terms “recent earth” or “recent creation” have been used to refer to this same position. These terms clearly define their position as one in which the creation of the world occurred somewhat recently, that is, the world is young. However, it obviously doesn 't provide us with much information beyond that. To begin with, how young is the world? In order to help answer this and other questions concerning young earth creationism, biologist and philosopher of science…show more content…
The next point Nelson and Reynolds make is one of disagreement between young earth and progressive creationists. Concerning the impact of the curse in Genesis 3, young earth creationists typically view this point to be the entrance of all death and suffering to the world. Progressive creationists, however, consider there to be a long period of time between the creation of the world and the introduction of sin into the world. Because of this length of time, progressive creationists consider animal death and suffering to have occurred long before the first humans sinned. The question of animal death and suffering prior to the fall of mankind is one that will be discussed in further detail when looking at the old earth positions According to Nelson and Reynolds, the strongest point of contention between young earth and progressive creationists is that of the flood. Young earth creationists generally view the account of the flood as actually having occurred. Other positions, however, progressive included, consider it a metaphor, or myth which has theological implications, but does not describe any actual historical events. The open philosophy of science is key to
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