The Evolution of Alternative Rock

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Stephanie Rollens
MUS 1010
Prof. Ingram
Fall 2012
Research Paper: The Evolution of Alternative Rock
a. Introduction/Overview A phrase coined by many emerging bands in the early 1980’s, ‘alternative rock’ has become an increasingly more popular term used to describe artists that try to be innately different, yet veer away from the establishment and wish only to play the music they want to play without “selling out”. While it isn’t as concentrated or specific as other genres like hip hop or classical music, alternative music encompasses a wide variety of artists and songs over decades, most of which could be subcategorized into grunge, metal, punk rock, progressive, new wave, and even mo or folk rock. Alternative rock has fueled the
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Based out of Hollywood, CA, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have overcome countless trials and tribulations as they dealt with personal issues such as drug addiction and untimely death among band mates, all the while topping the charts and trying to keep their laid back, ‘SoCal’ persona. Though it may have seemed that the band often appealed to and even promoted the hard-partying, slacker lifestyle, the band branched out as they gained popularity, and proved that they could hook even the sunniest of audiences. Many would even be surprised to hear that the Red Hot Chili Peppers was built from collaboration between Flea and Keidis during their college years, after performing in a KISS-inspired hard rock group that varied greatly from the sounds of what we now recognize as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Together, they found out that Kiedis’ lyrics and Flea’s music combined perfectly, and took a leap of faith in evolving their sound. After this fateful collaboration, Keidis and Flea decided on the name and recruited former band mates HIilel Slovak as the guitarist and Jack Irons as the drummer. Finally, they rounded the LA club circuit, pulling stunts that playing these local shows nude (except for tactically placed socks) and making a name for themselves until being signed by EMI Records in 1984, debuting their self titled album with a new drummer and guitarist, as Irons
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