Essay on The Evolution of Capital Punishment

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The Evolution of Capital Punishment

Ever since there has been crime, there has been punishment. One form of punishment that has existed since the beginning of society is capital punishment. As crime and societies have evolved over time, so have capital punishment, its forms, and its reasons for use. Capital punishment is defined as the execution or death for a capital offense. (Hill & Hill 1995: 75) A capital offense is defined as being any criminal charge that is punishable by the death penalty. (Hill & Hill 1995: 75) A capital offense usually means that no bail will be allowed.

Capital punishment has existed since the earliest civilizations such as the ancient Greeks, Romans, and even the English have existed. Death sentences were
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They have seen every instance of capital punishment since these were created as violations of the constitution. The United States Supreme Court has had split decisions in the past about whether or not to keep the use of capital punishment in the books or not. They took it away for a few years and then reinstated it saying that it was not a violation of the constitution.

The key phrase in the 14th amendment is “under due process of law”. Due process is defined as being a fair and formal way of deliberating and reviewing a situation in order to come to an accurate decision and punishment. However, even with the protections of due process, abolitionists of the death penalty still believe strongly that capital punishment is highly immoral for several reasons.

The standards for using the death penalty are now stricter and the bar is not always even set at the standards one hundred percent of the time. Such crimes as first-degree murder, murder with special circumstances, rape with additional bodily harm, and the federal crime of treason. The ways in which the capital punishment is executed have also evolved over time and become much more humane. The use of

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