The Evolution of Commercials, Toyota Prius

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In today’s advertisements many different techniques are used to grab the attention of the audience. Ads in the newspaper and in magazines may seem bland to some readers. Large corporate tycoons tend to adhere to the use of television as the ideal form of communication. Psychologically, bright colors, motion, and sounds help to catch your attention and keep you alert on the product. Whether positive or negative, the commercial most likely has an impact on your view of the product. Marketing in commercials always targets a specific audience to purchase that service or product. Automobile advertisements have had some of the most creative and unique cinematic graphics. In one of the first ever hybrid vehicle commercials in 2004, the Toyota…show more content…
This gives the introduction of the car a heightened sense of suspense. People may be asking what could this engineering feat possibly be? The narrator introduces the car very straight-forward and includes the most important details only: fuel efficiency, and performance. The tone of the man speaking is very businessman-like using intelligent words and a calm yet attention demanding voice. He ends off the commercial with a twist on a famous quote, “One small step on the accelerator, one giant step for mankind,” A quote that makes the car seem like a milestone as great as landing on the moon. Without a doubt, the commercials both convey a completely different feeling yet they both have the ability to include the same general aspects of the automobile. The images provided throughout the Toyota’s commercials are what, I think, captivates the audience most. The 2004 commercial on one hand has a play on words that is imbedded in the motion picture. The narrator says that in our society we have been moving, just not forward. This shows in the commercial because every mode of transportation shown (a train, walking, driving, etc.) is literally moving in place. The people are moving their legs but not moving distance, likewise the cars wheels are turning, yet the car has no forward motion. Cleverly, the commercial catches the eye of the audience and tries to invoke an epiphany: Why am I driving

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