The Evolution of Editing in Movie Making

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Before the introduction of motion picture the only way people were able to hear about the news or new products was either by newspaper or word of mouth. Before we had T5i’s or any other new and elaborate camera we had to film with black and white picture with no sound, like the old classic super eight film cameras. The process of editing has changed over the decades from where film was just cut and scenes would be placed right after the other with hard cuts with the raw material, literally they cut the film, to now where most editors use non-linear editing with a computer to add transitions, text, and other video effects to produce the most visually appealing and most understandable when producing a video production. The way the video productions are shown to the public have also adapted throughout its brief existence. When commercials and films first made their appearances in the early twentieth century Directors and Producers had no idea how to use color to catch the audience’s attention by using their sub conscious, they didn’t realize that the length of the production would play a role in rather a person will watch it or not. Nowadays there are entire books on how to grab the audience’s attention.
During the beginning years of film and video production, cameras where large and bulky machines that had…
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