The Evolution of Graphic Design

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When graphic design began, it was much simpler than it is today. Most people consider graphic design to be done only on computers and fancy operating systems, when in fact graphic design in much more complex than that. Graphic design has its roots in early caveman drawings using stone, organic paints and charcoal. Since these early humans had no to little verbal communication, logic dictates that they would have to communicate instead with a plethora of symbols and graphic representations of ideas. As time progressed, the methods of visual communication, as well as verbal communication, evolved. Materials in graphic design became more refined such as digital or traditional printing. Some of the milestones in graphic design were the invention of printing presses, text-based design such as Typography, molds, and computers. As new technology made the expression and sharing of art possible, those who chose to create art formed new styles and ideas that also evolved.
Artistic molds were one of the first revolutionary things to come about in graphic design. The molds allowed for the mass production of certain objects, letters, or shapes that would otherwise take several hours to even days to be created. Once the molds were created, they could then be used to replicate their shape by filing them with clay, stone, cement, ink and other artistic materials. The molds can be made in varying shapes and sizes, allowing for artists to create precise works from different templates. Molds
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