The Evolution of Jousting Essay

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The Evolution of Jousting

Picture, if you will, a knight in shining armor charging on his noble steed down the open stretch toward his enemy. From his great helm, (Jousting Helmet) a detachable sleeve whips in the wind at approximately 30 miles per hour. Just before the two knights meet, they each brace themselves for the impact they know awaits them. The wood splinters fly, and one of the knights is knocked from his steed, spilling his life's blood on the ground.

Jousting was a medieval war tactic that later evolved into a sport, testing skill in horsemanship as well as balance and accuracy. Jousting has changed in its use over the years. It was once used in battle, but is now mainly a competitive form of entertainment.
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The loser of the battle lost his horse and the armor that he was wearing in the battle. The jousting battlefield is now a soft arena, and what once was a battlefield maneuver, is now a sport that draws paying spectators from all over to see a piece of the past relived.

One of the largest changes from the medieval times was the reason for jousting. At one time knights used jousting, sword fighting and other weapon use to protect the church, but it also became a part of a judicial tool. Jousting was used in judicial Duel and trial by combat. In the Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournament Glossary of Terms website they explained,"Judicial Duel was generally fought between combatants of knightly rank between the appellant and the defendant. A charge of dishonorable conduct underlies the combat, fought to the death before judges. Not a tournament, it is a form of trial by combat. Many of the surviving fechtbuchs (rules of sword fighting) seem to describe techniques used in the judicial duel that would have been forbidden in the tournament, such as piercing an opponent's foot with the butt-spike of a poleaxe" (Knighthood).

A webpage on what jousting is described it a little more in depth "It was reasoned by contemporary philosophers that God would defend the innocent party. Often kings invoked it to settle disputes; Edward III challenged the King of France to combat between either two champions or 100 knights per side, in a combat

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