The Evolution of Man

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The Evolution of man

Describe the evolution of man

Georgina Taylor


Word count: 1141 The Evolution of Man

The greatest mysteries of science, a subject which intrigues us all is how exactly the human species evolved. Evolution is the sequential process of change over periods of time which shape and establish the formation of modern man. Evolution is a term derived from the Latin word ‘unrolling’ and applied to the doctrine that all living organisms have arisen through the modification of other earlier organisms.
It is generally believed that we were separated from apes approximately 6-8 million years ago. Evidence provided by
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The increase in the earth's temperature may have meant long dry seasons, at which time a lot of the vegetation by which it is thought their diet mainly consisted of, would have dried up. The herbivorous animals living on the plains would have also struggled to find food and the majority would have died out. In the late Pliocene era one line of the Australopithecines began to develop a larger brain, this could be due to increase in protein from the change to a more meaty diet. Fossils of these hominids are sufficiently human-like; they are classed in our own genus, Homo the best known specimens of this line are the Homo habilis stone tools began to appear, giving us the first direct archaeological evidence of behaviour. Australopithecus boisei is the greatest in size of all the australopithecines. It was the largest of the australopithecines and it had developed larger teeth and jawbones. The Advanced Australopithecus is distinguished from the other australopithecines due to its advanced features such as greater intellect. Many scientists feel that this australopithecine should be regarded as the 'true man.' They also call Advanced Australopithecus "Homo habilis." nevertheless; Homo erectus is now classified as the first true man. Homo erectus contained a more primitive brain, which had a cranial capacity to half the size of Homo sapiens. In addition, Homo erectus led
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