The Evolution of Management Essay

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Humans have come a long way since the beginning of time. Technology is rapidly evolving and becoming more efficient in the way we live our lives. What was just an idea or a thought on paper, becomes reality in just a matter of time. Alongside this, the way we interact and communicate with one another is also evolving faster than we could of ever imagined. Who would of thought that the form of communication would go from carrier pigeons which took months to deliver to rapid delivery of an email in less than a tenth of a second. But with all this, the real question to ask is, "what is the future of management?

Evolution of Management
To answer the question about the future of management it is quite important to look over its past. From
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This is pretty simple and obvious but the solution to this problem is actually harder to solve than it seems. One main focus that managers are seeking to accomplish is the efficient use of all company resources. This can range from machines that are used to create products to the average day to day employee that is working for the company. Managers need to be able to divide tasks and work to employees so that they should be doing what would maximize profits and outcome for the company all while doing it at a low cost. However, the problem with this is that many employees seem to be unmotivated to achieve at their maximum potential. They see their job as more of a mundane, day to day, get in get out type of job. While some people may actually put their best into their work, many are just unmotivated while trying to put in the least amount of work they can get away with. Beyond, the personal implications of such lack of effort, it also extends to other workers as well. When one person sees that their workmate is slacking off and putting in 50% effort into their work, they justify doing the same because they hold the mentality that since they are both being paid the same anyways why should I put in more effort?

The Bar is Set Higher standards are being raised every day. Now, customers expect more product and efficiency for what they pay for. They expect products and services to be quicker, better,

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