The Evolution of Manifest Destiny

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During the nineteenth century, manifest destiny became a particularly common concept. This idea stated that Americans were destined to expand across the western frontier and the world because the “superior” Anglo-Saxon race had received God’s divine blessing to do so. The idea first came about during the American Revolution in the 1700s and continued through such events as the Civil War and other nineteenth century conflicts. Americans became involved with Cuba, the Philippines and their turmoil with Spanish rule. They turned a “rescue mission” for the Cubans and Filipinos into an overtaking. Power-hungry Americans sought to take over the world, particularly in markets like China, regardless of the conflicts and battles that would ensue as…show more content…
This act would lead Ho Chi Minh to look towards Russia and China in 1954 where he eventually became a Communist. By 1940, Japan had invaded Vietnam and stripped France of all colonial control, and in 1941 they had bombed Pearl Harbor. Ho Chi Minh saw this as a chance to seek independence for his country of Vietnam. He put together a small nationalist army called Viet Minh and helped in Vietnam fighting the Japanese and working with the Americans, who saw him as a nationalist, not a communist. Ho’s regime helped rescue and care for American fliers who were shot down in the region. In August 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing 150,000 Japanese, ending World War II. By May 8, a peace treaty was brought up on Vietnam that divided it into North and South Vietnam, where violence had risen. By 1963, South Vietnam’s militia took control after their president’s death. Additionally, the death of JFK led to the inauguration of Lyndon Johnson, during whose term the war continued. America’s opinion of the war had now changed to one word-Quagmire. The war lasted five years after Johnson’s only term before South Vietnam was eventually defeated in 1975. The Vietnam War was started mainly because of America’s idea to indoctrinate American values and beliefs on them (better known as America’s Manifest Destiny). Vietnam was viewed by the United States as backward people who needed

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