The Evolution of Music and Musical Instruments from the Baroque Era to the Romantic Era

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Howard Meltzer explains how music formed an important role in the daily lives of people. It also explains how music improved and new instruments were invented throughout different eras such as: the Boroque Era, The Classical Era and the Romantic Era. Dr. Meltzer breaks down the history of music and almost tells it as if it were a story, the love, the hate, the lust and disappointments that composers went through but those events inspired them to compose music. Composers like Ludwig Van Beethoven ,Goethe poem of the "Erlkonig" composer Schubert.
"The child prodigy of most promising talent",Ludwig Van Beethoven.Beethoven is one of the most well known classical composer still to this day.He was born in 1770 in German in a small city called Bonn.Beethoven came from a very musical family.His grandfather and father were both for musical back grounds.His grandfather served as Kappellmeister to Maximilion Friedrich and his father was a tenor singer at court.Beethoven is we'll know for his unforgettable symphony and how he became deaf over the years .In chapter eleven,I've learned the inner thought of him, letter to his brothers Karl and Johann Beethoven.As I was reading I felt he was compelled to write out his last feelings his "testament". This document that he drafted became known as the "Heiligenstadt Testament" due to where he was located, the village of Heiligenstadt. Beethoven never wanted this document to be reveal to anyone,…
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