The Evolution of Nursing Informatics in the Healthcare Industry

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Informatics is the science of processing data (Collins English Dictionary). Nursing informatics is defined by the American Nursing Association as “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice” (ANA, 2008). Technology in the workplace has become one of the most talked about trends in nursing from the mid 1990’s to now as the technology nurses see on the unit and in the community rapidly changes and grows even daily. Various technologies encompassing nursing informatics are computer-based schedule system to assign staff; patient safety tracking; helping patients use a device to partake in a research project; …show more content…
The movement of nursing becoming more technological has also been a struggle for many nurses as the profession shifts from basic to high tech and learning how to balance the importance of technology with the importance of personal patient care.
From nothing to everything is technology in the twentieth and twenty first century which is especially true of nursing informatics; days when there were no computers and all was written down and kept in a safe room when finished to monochromatic computer screens where things were backed up on floppy disks to prevent losing information to current conditions of safe keeping of person health records, results, research and prescriptions kept online in a secure network. Time flies when technology is involved. The push to be better, faster, safer and more reliable has been taken seriously by the nursing profession which now acknowledges nursing informatics as its own specialty in Canada, United States of America, Great Britain, Australia and many more countries around the world. Nursing informatics, a new term in 1980 was defined as “...the application of computer technology to all fields of nursing-- nursing services, nurse education, and nursing research” (Shcoles & Barber, 1980). This definition grew and changed many times in the following 31 years and now includes the art of nursing into the working definition but holds true to the core

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