The Evolution of Nursing

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THE EVOLUTION OF NURSING Nursing is a profession that can be recalled and accounted for since prehistoric times to now it has since come a long way. In fact in earlier times nursing was only a practice reserved for men. The first nursing school was established in India in about 250 B.C., and only men were permitted to attend because men were viewed to be more pure than women, until the 1800’s when nursing became an organized practice. Should one embark on a research about the history of nursing one would gather a lot of information, both interesting and controversial. However our group did in fact embark on a research on the history of nursing or should I say the evolution of nursing. We realized that as time went by the definition of…show more content…
Within the period of apprentice nursing there was a Dark Period which extends from the 17th – 19th century. Nursing became the work of the less desirable women; these women took bribes from patients, stole patients’ food and used alcohol as tranquilizers. At this time no provision were made for the sick and no one took care of the sick. Following this period Modern Nursing was introduced by Florence Nightingale who saw the need for development in nursing. Modern Nursing is similar to what has been done for years. However the nurses responsibilities is of greater demands because of the advancement that was incorporated over the years, but rest assured the patients need is still at the forefront. The Period of Modern Nursing began on the 15th of June 1860 when Florence Nightingale School of Nursing opened in St. Thomas Hospital in London. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is the founder of Modern Nursing. She followed her Christian divine calling and committed herself to Nursing, caring for others especially poor people. She also dedicated her life to care for the sick and war wounded victims. In 1844 Florence Nightingale began visiting hospitals. She even spent time with nursing sisters of St. Vincent de Paul in Alexandria in 1850 and one year later she studied at the institute for Protestant Deaconesses in Kaiserswerth, Germany. In March, 1853, Russia invaded Turkey, Britain and France concerned about the growing power of Russia. This conflict became
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