Essay about The Evolution of Nursing Practice

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In today’s society, the medical field is constantly thriving with technological improvements and the growth of educated individuals that contribute to the well-being of others. Nurses make up the largest majority of the industry, and with that, nursing is the fastest growing occupation. Nursing is a job that allows people to not only take care of the sick but also to experience, learn, and further their interests of the human body. It is safe to say that nursing of the sick existed way back into ancient times. There are many major differences, however, from nursing of today and of the past. Ancient times revealed that nursing was not a “job” but an act of charity and so called kindness. People were not well educated and trained, and their…show more content…
Physicians and surgeons were critical of nurses that were more interested in the spiritual needs of a patient rather than the physical (Brestovansky). This might be because as people were dying, the Christian nurses would want to pray for their healing instead of perform surgery. It was the twentieth century when two-thousand hospitals were put up in the United States. After the wars ended, there were few nursing jobs because of the large number of nurses. As a result, nursing became an “honorable profession,” which required college degrees. Technological advances were well thought out and processed as nursing began to thrive. People began to study an environment in which the sick healed. Scientists and doctors developed a routine that would help them study the human body more precisely. Both, doctors and scientists experimented with what they called the “germ theory.” The theory explained the causes of diseases, and people would then be focused on prevention methods. Nurses were the basis for teaching the people how to stay healthy and away from infection (Moorhead). They traveled to patients’ homes in order to care for them. Nurses are always in need of, and by the mid 1950s, it was hospitals that were the largest single employer of registered nurses. Nurses may play different roles in the field, but their responsibilities are all very similar. Nurses must be confident in everything they do and be patient with people. They should have strong listening
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