Essay on The Evolution of Sex

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The Evolution of Sex

Take the 1960s notion of free love, combine with today's sexually active teenagers who expect no emotional commitment, and you have the modern definition for “hook up.” The term evolved just as many ideas about sex have in this last century. Hooking up is no longer just kissing, it involves oral sex and also intercourse, it is all about the casual sex.

The practice of casual sex is more popular among American teenagers; however, the feelings of independence and empowerment obtained by it are not the only consequences. Having multiple random partners can result in sexually transmitted diseases (STD), HIV, unwanted pregnancies and other physical risks. Moreover, depression and intimacy problems can bear
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Some young adults, who have been through this pressure, think that having sex as teenagers is just too young.

“Thirteen to 17 is too early to be engaging in sex and I think it is definitely too early to be learning that sex is nothing but a fun physical activity,” said Michelle, a college student in Boston who is saving sex for marriage.

Teenagers engage in casual sex to feel mature and part of a society that shapes the idea of casual sex as a liberating and empowering event. Shows like “Sex and the City” promote women who have jobs, friends, and a very active sexual life with strangers and because of this they claim to “have it all,” as the character of Samantha said in an episode. Entertainment and the media are filled with sex driven programs, commercials and books.

Lately, Internet social sites, like and, both with membership in the millions, have become a way to get easier access to hook ups. Teenagers can post their personal profiles on these sites, many without consent from their parents, and spend hours in chat rooms talking about sex or making plans to meet a person and have casual encounters.

For these encounters a young person follows certain “rules” to arrange a successful hook up. To begin with, one contacts a possible partner and decides where and when to meet up and have sex. Then, after the
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