The Evolution of Women in Literature

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Modernism, first introduced in literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is the breaking of tradition and boundaries that have developed in society. Women have been seen as “lower” than men in society and have been treated as such. In Victorian society, women are seen as the keeper of the home while men are still the head of the house hold. Women are supposed to prepare all the meals, take care of the children, support their husbands without question, and clean the house. Through the works of Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Portis, and Charlotte Perkins the evolution of gender roles of women in society is visible. In Scott Fitzgerald’s writing, Great Gatsby, the reader will see his portrayal of the “roaring twenties” in America…show more content…
On Mattie’s quest for vengeance many people try to take advantage of her due to her age and her sex. When Mattie goes to obtain the horses that her father had purchased before his death she was able to negotiate with the man selling them to her tried to overprice them back down to the original price. “You are powerful young for a horse trader, not to mention your sex” (Portis 89). Mattie has broken the tradition of women being week in society when she stands up for herself in situations. It is very unusual for women especially in this time to be independent and fend for oneself. But Mattie is young and makes the wrong decisions at time. Her mother is not as smart or independent as she is and needs Mattie to help run the family business. She receives a letter from her family’s lawyer stating “Your mother will make no decision without you, nor will she sign anything,” (87) Mattie creates her own agenda and completely disregarding her family’s needs. She makes her choice as an independent woman to avenge her father and she goes through all the hardships till the job is done. The “Feminine Mystique” is an article written by Betty Friedan written in 1963 attacking the views on woman that have been placed on them by society during their time. This article shows the progression of women intellectually and how they strive for equal rights and to be seen. This is one of the first recorded
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