The Evolution of Women's Fashion from 1770 to the Present day

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My essay is going to be about how womens fashion has changed from 1770 to the present day. I will talk about many different topics such as, how the styles of dress have changed over the years, how the design of the patterns on dresses have changed,and more. From 1770 to 1800s, women did not have certain freedoms. One of those freedoms in which women did not have was the freedom to dress as they please. The had to wear dresses with three layers in the warm seasons and four layers in the cold seasons. In the article it states ¨In the summer and spring women had to wear three layers¨.The first layer of clothes was the shift and cap.The shift was used as both a nightgown and underclothing . It was commonly made of linen and women would only own two or three of the shifts. Underpants did not exist so so women would wear nothing under their shifts.The second layer consist of stays,busk,pockets.and under petticoats.The stays are support garments that are stiffened with whalebone, wood, or reed.They create it so the women would have good posture and an ice cream cone shaped silhouette. The article stated that the busk is a ¨piece of wood that has been shaped so that it is smooth and rounded at the back,It prevents the women's waist from bending¨.The pockets women did not have attached pockets so they tied a pocket or two around their waist. The under petticoat where skirts that provided extra heat or to shape the outside layer.under petticoats were made from linen,wool,silk,or

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