The Evolution of the Computer to the Cloud Essay

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Introduction First, when computers or PCs were introduced, they literally took the space of the whole room. They were heavy and bulky but still had many limitations in terms of what can those PC actually do or perform daily human tasks. As PCs have evolved, the new software’s have also evolved. A software that satisfies the needs of sending secure data over the Internet is called cloud computing. With PCs, cloud computing has evolved to another level making it easier and simpler to use and provide others with secure information. One problem that is faced by cloud computing organization is the doubt of it keeping files secured. Security reasons are the main concern for cloud computing since everything is over the Internet. On the other…show more content…
Cloud computing is offering liability for the government such as data assurances, infrastructure security, functionality, disaster recovery, and comply with the laws. There are more than million issues that cloud computing can solve. The reason why cloud computing would matter to the reader is because it doesn’t just solve governmental problems but it is beyond those governmental problems
The Federal, State or Local government always had difficulty finding a solution on how to secure the data. A guy named David Ferriero, the head of NARA, which is a Nation Archives and Records Administration, is having issue securing the records of the government. Records are being stored in garages, attics and were stolen and destroyed. Government was at moderate risk or high risk of essentially loosing records. The same assessment identified electronic records from basics data to employees email (Berg, 2011). So the question here is that how can the government act upon preserving the records and not let it go in the wrong hands? David Ferriero was the only person who had an answer to this question and he stated that cloud computing was the way preserving the records and data in the future. “Cloud Computing-the tech buzzword storing computer data in remote, shared data centers rather than on in house servers is being promoted by not only David Ferriero but by other agencies as
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