Essay on The Evolution of the Image of Women in Sports

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The Evolution of the Image of Women in Sports

1. Through the readings, films, and discussions, we have looked at the image of women in sport. Discuss the images of women in sport and how they are affected by today's cultural ideal of women.

All of the films that we watched provided different perspectives on how the image of women is situated in our culture. From the first movie, Dare to Compete, which highlighted the development of women's participation in sports, to Love and Basketball, which fully accepts women's participation in sports, we examined a range of views and opinions on the proper role of women in sports.

Dare to Compete presented images of women in sports over many years, highlighting the evolution of female
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The women in Bend it Like Beckham had to deal with cultural stereotypes against women in sport. Jess' mother had strictly confined ideas of how a woman should look. She did not approve of Jess playing soccer, but if she did it was important for her to keep her legs covered. The issue that comes up repeatedly in this movie is the popular notion that women will not be perceived as women if they are 'sporty'. Jess' mother is afraid that men will not be interested in her because of her athleticism and Jules' mother blames her daughter's lack of a boyfriend on her participation in the soccer team. Although the two mothers represent different cultures, both of their cultures state that female athletes are not feminine or desirable. They are certainly not normal. I think one of the important distinctions in this film is that, while there are certainly many who uphold that belief, there are many others who see and appreciate female athletes. Even Jess' father come to appreciate her athleticism by the end of the film.

An important moment in the film occurs when Jules' mother mistakenly believes that Jules is a lesbian. Although this is humorous in the film, it shows that the image of female athletes is still equated with the image of homosexuals. I think this once again is rooted in the misguided belief that no one in mainstream society would find a female athlete desirable.

In Girlfight, the protagonist, Diana, seems to be determined to fight

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