The Evolving Canadian Fur Trade History

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‘’The Evolving Canadian Fur Trade History’’
Shayne Lloyd

History 1121
Thompson River University
August, 24 2016

‘’The Evolving Canadian Fur Trade History’’

Canada is known for the vast landscape diverse in natural resources that are found with in its boarders stretching from coast to coast. The fur trade in Canada has a unique and colorful evolving history. The geography of Canada with its thousands of lakes and wide spread landscape began as a pristine environment to harvest furs. Early shore-based fishing exploitations off the Grand Banks could have been causes for the initiation of the North American fur trade. Europeans were attracted by the superb quality of the furs in the possession of the natives they encountered and saw the potential for marketing such furs in Europe where stock of good quality fur was becoming increasingly limited. Native people in what is now Canada, were interested in trading their furs for European goods not accessible or known by the Native people. Foreign items that the Natives sought out were metal implements, clothing, blankets and horses. Across the ocean a change in men’s headwear fashion in western Europe in the late 16th century motivated and drove the North American fur trade as a major business opportunity for European nations. As part of their uniform Swedish military officers fashioned a wide brimmed felt hat that inspired European men to wear a similar style of hat, this type of hat became a big demand in
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