The Evolving Nexus between Islam and Iran Essay

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The Evolving Nexus between Islam and Iran The nexus between Islam and Iran is a complex one. Islam was brought to Iran via Arab-Islamic conquest in 650 AD and has played a shifting, anomalous role in this nation-state ever since. The ideas of nationalism, secularism, religion, and revolution are unique in this Muslim country. Iranians, unlike many of their neighbors, hold on very strongly to their pre-Islamic roots and achievements; sentiments of nationalism are apparent throughout Iranian history and in the everyday conversations of Iranians. In order to illustrate the role of Islam in Iran and the contemporary Iranian situation, I will analyze the concept of an Islamic state, the legitimacy of Islam in modern-day Iran with notes on…show more content…
These scholars view all modern systems as “alien to Islamic principles, a creature of imperialism...” and seek “a ‘truly Islamic’ state, applying the shari’a and unifying the fragmented umma under a revived caliphate...” [Zubaida 104]. Others would contend that some of today’s nations, albeit influenced by Western culture and politicized through modern statecraft, are no less Islamic, understanding that the “diversity of historical circumstances in which they try to apply that ideal introduces a necessary element of relativity and imperfection...” [al-Turabi 241]. An ‘Islamic State,’ it seems, is a conjectural model, which can maintain varying practical paradigms. As the sole Muslim nation that installed Islamic principles into the political arena through a popular revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran, or jomhoury-e eslami-e iran, henceforward referred to as Iran, serves as an appropriate case to consider. The country’s official title represents the paradox of the question, as it embodies both the notion of an Islamic state and a modern Republic. Determining whether this heterogeneity has produced an un-Islamic system remains one enterprise of this writing. The Iranian Revolution and Islamic Law The Revolution of 1979, which brought Islam into Iran’s political arena, was a paragon of complexity,
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