The Examination Of The Prosecution Witness

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Dear James Blackburn, thank you for contacting me with your case. As an expert witness, I am more than happy to assist you in the examination of the prosecution witness’ evidence and account of the incident. Firstly, we must consider any confounding factors that may have influenced the witness’ memory and therefore influencing their testimony. Some factors we must consider are; cross-race effect (CRE), weapon focus effect, own age bias (OAB) and the bystander effect. I will attempt to aid you in this case by referring to information and knowledge that has been provided and highlighted by previous research. These factors must be deliberated in regards to the validity and credibility of the witness’s statement. Nonetheless, I will provide as much information I can to help with your client’s case.
Issue: Cross race effect
Fact: The witness is Black and the client is Caucasian.
Opinion: The cross-race effect, otherwise referred to as ‘own-race bias’ explains why people are more likely to recognise someone who is the same race as them. In this case, the witness may have misinterpreted the scene as a result of this effect. For example, the criminal justice system regularly relies on eyewitness identification when a crime has been committed (Sporer, 2001). Eyewitness identification is still used despite the common difficulties eyewitnesses have recognising faces of racial outgroup members. In your client’s case, a black witness, and a white out group. These recognition errors

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